ZipShooter: A Zippy Portable Camera Dolly System 0

If you’ve ever wanted to own a camera dolly without breaking the bank, then you might be in luck. Professional camera dolly systems are often far too expensive for the average photographer, but the ZipShooter may just change that trend. ZipShooter is a Kickstarter project that I stumbled upon recently, and I’m glad that I did, because it’s an accessory that I think many videographers would find useful.

The ZipShooter is a portable camera dolly system that allows you to track straight and radial movement.  Camera dolly systems combining a base and skateboard wheels are nothing new, but ZipShooter offers a couple of unique features other dollys leave out.   According to the Kickstarter project page, the ZipShooter can support up to 20lbs and a wide range of camera shapes and sizes; it can be unassembled to fit any gear bag, which makes it portable and easy to use on the go; and it can be used as a linear dolly, a curved dolly and an under-sling dolly.

It certainly does seem like a solid all-around dolly system that could be useful for professionals and casual photographers alike. The ZipShooter will need to be competitively priced to succeed, but it certainly has potential as a handy camera accessory.