Yuri Arcurs on the Launch of PeopleImages 1

Most photographers aren’t IT professionals and Yuri Arcurs is no exception. Yuri Arcurs, the top selling microstock photographer, has recently launched his own sales portal, PeopleImages.com.  The project took over 2 years to complete and was trashed several times in the process.  Yuri has posted what it took to get his sales platform from concept to release and what he wished he had known two years prior.  As essentially every working photographer is forced to have an online web presence in order to survive – the IT tips Yuri shares are well worth looking at.  Here are a few of our favorites

  • Trust your instinct and trust the instinct of the computer newb.  If a five year old can’t use your site it needs to be simplified.
  • Don’t be afraid to trash what doesn’t work.
  • Managing IT is not the same as managing a photo studio.  If you can’t judge for yourself whether completed work is ‘good’, you’ll need ton find someone else who can.

Yuri goes into lengthy detail about all his points and provides good advice for anyone about to launch a big, photography related IT project.  Check out the post for the full write-up.