Yasuhara Set to Release First 180-Degree Circle Fisheye Lens for Mirrorless Cameras 0

Different types of lenses will give you varied results and effects on your images: macro lenses for close-up photography, APO lenses to correct chromatic aberration, soft-focus lenses to capture softer images, and wide-angle fish eye lenses to achieve a distorted effect, among others.

Yasuhara, the maker of the Nanoha macro lens, is set to unveil a new lens called Madoka. Madoka is touted as being the first 180-degree circle fisheye lens for mirrorless cameras.




Here are the specs for the lens:

  • The lens will have f/4 aperture
  • Compact  size
  • Length: about 40mm
  • Diameter: about 60mm
  • Weight: about 200g

The Sony E-mount version of the lens will be launched this Spring, and the Micro 4/3 version of the Yasuhara Madoka will be released a few months later. Aside from the lens, Yasuhara will also be releasing a special software program intended to be used in conjunction with the Madoka.

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