Yahoo! Mail Launches Its All-New Photo Sharing Tool 0

Ever since it became clear that photographers could benefit from displaying their work and portfolio online, photo sharing sites have sprouted all over the web.  It’s not something that all photographers are using, although the figures are rising every day.

What remains to be one of the most-used tools for sending and sharing images, however, is email. Yahoo! Mail is looking to capitalize on the fact by introducing a photo sharing app that it made, just for its own email service.

The app can be accessed from the Yahoo! Mail sidebar. It works by pulling images from your email messages, whether they were sent as inline images or as attachments. The images are then organized into a gallery which you can use to view and sort them according to the sender, date received, file size, and file type.

We’re looking at our users and how Yahoo Mail users are using Yahoo Mail, and we know how important photos and photo sharing are to them, and how many photos are shared via email — as opposed to a competitive move against Gmail or Hotmail.

— Dave McDowell, Yahoo! product management

Have you used Yahoo! Mail’s new photo management app? If so, what do you think about it? Do tell.

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