‘World’s First CMOS Sensor Medium Format Camera’ Officially Announced By Hasselblad 0

Hasselblad teased it in January of this year. And now, the Hasselblad H5D-50c CMOS camera was finally unveiled to the public by the luxury camera maker. This time around, there’s not even a faint shadow of a rebranded Sony camera. Hasselblad proudly claims that the H5D-50c is “one of the best we ever designed.” The H5D-50c features an outstanding ISO performance of up to 6400; large 50MP CMOS sensor; high dynamic range of up to 14 stops; longer shutter speeds of up to 12 minutes; and capture rate of 1.5 fps. Also in its arsenal are Live Video in Phocus, True Focus auto-focus system, capable of working with tilt-shift, and ability to record GPS. The Hasselblad H5D-50c is now available around the world, with a price tag of $27,500. If you fancy this, you can preorder yours at B&H Photo.

hasselblad-H5D-50c-CMOS-medium-format-camera-side hasselblad-H5D-50c-CMOS-medium-format-camera-side-1 hasselblad-H5D-50c-CMOS-medium-format-camera-back

[Hasselblad via Petapixel]