Windows Phone 7 Getting Instagram Soon? 0

The amount of high powered smartphones with equally high powered built-in cameras is making it virtually unnecessary to carry typical point-and-shoot cameras. While the pre-installed software on many of these devices such as the iPhone is very capable, third party software has largely been taking the forefront.

Instagram, as we’ve all come to know and love, is one of the most popular photography apps available on iOS today. While we’ve learned that there will be an Android app available, where does that leave other platforms, such as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

Well, in a surprising turn of events, it seems that Microsoft’s latest platform may actually be getting the popular app before Android. Unfortunately, this has yet to be officially confirmed but sources have been circulating around the web that are said to be in the know.

When exactly this may be happening we haven’t a clue but if you’re a Windows a phone 7 user keep an eye out as the filter-applying goodness of Instagram may be coming your way quite soon.