Will the Price of [insert camera model here] drop? 0

Deciding on the best gear can be a lot of work.  Which camera suites your needs best, falls within your price budget and has longevity enough to rationalize it’s investment?  It’s unsurprising that after all that, when the price drops 20% the week after you make your investment, you get a tad disappointed.

Decide.com is out to change all that with a pricing crystal ball for the masses, telling you when to whip out your wallet and when to wait.

Performing a search for Canon 5D Mark II returns the following results.

The site shows us a price history graph and supposes a price drop within 2 weeks with 69% confidence.  Putting the mouse over the graph we see the price was down to $1879 only a few weeks ago and will most likely return to these (or lower) levels.  If you can hang onto your cash for a week or two more you may save a few hundred $$$ – add this site to your bookmarks for product research.

I also like that Decide.com scan’s the rumor mill for new product releases.  Something very important to consider when making a tech purchase.

[Fotoactualidad via PhotoWeeklyOnline]