Why Nikon is Growing While Canon Stands Still 0

When I opened up my browser this morning and started trolling the internet for the latest in photography gadgets and rumors, I stumbled upon two things. The first was a promotional video for Nikon’s New D800 announced officially yesterday, and the second was the revelation that promotional videos like this are the reason Nikon keeps growing while Canon Presidents are stepping down.

Say what you will about flood damage and the fact that Nikon incurred a loss in Q3 because of it, the reason Nikon is doing better with consumers goes far beyond the fact that the Thiland tragedy is only just now catching up to them. It has to do with their relentless pursuit of quality advertising.

The video bellow says nothing about the D800’s specs, mentions no accessories or gear, and doesn’t explain the advantages of the D800E over the D800; instead it focuses on the magic of photography, and the idea (reality be damned) that the D800 made a great set of temporary eyes for the boy in the video. It’s not so much advertising as it is art.

In the same way that Apple has taken the computer world by storm, Nikon is continuing to grow in the world of consumer photography: by providing an experience along with its world class hardware.Canon 5D Mark III

Of course if you visit the YouTube channel Nikonasia who posted the video you will also see ads targeting the professional crowd; videos clearly meant to sway photographers towards the D800¬†who would otherwise be upgrading to the rumored Canon’s 5D Mark III when it comes out.

But ads like the one below, even if it seems like pandering at times, touch a soft spot for all of their viewers; and maybe, just maybe, that’s why you’ll see more amateur photographers going after the D800, even if the 5D Mark III keeps all of the professional photogs to itself.