White Nikon 1 V1 Now Available 0

Nikon may be getting a ton of coverage thanks to their D4 and forthcoming D800 but that doesn’t mean they are neglecting other segments of the market. Currently available from Nikon in terms of mirrorless cameras is none other than the 1 V1. Priced around $900, Nikon’s 1 V1 features interchangeable lenses, 10 FPS continuous shooting and, what is quickly becoming the norm, the ability to capture full 1080p HD video.

Seeing how the V1 is a compact digital camera it would be safe to assume that consumers will be quite mobile with it. As of now, the black body style is definitely fine for those who care about function over form, but what if you’re the opposite? Well, lucky for you, Nikon has decided to add some flair to the V1 by releasing a white version, which you can see above.

In terms of technical changes, there are unsurprisingly none to be spoken of, but luckily, Nikon USA was the outfit to release this information. That being said, provided everything sticks to schedule, expect a white Nikon 1 V1 to be available from your favorite photography outlet over the next couple of days.