Where Electronics and Nature Collide 0


In a world where technology rules our lives, there are few things that can interrupt the electronic flow. One of these things is a dead battery. However, chargers, none of which match any two products, get tangled, lost, and take up unnecessary space. But, with this new charger station, you can re-juice your batteries in a zen-worthy display.

The Grassy Lawn Charging Station is just what its name suggests – a “lawn” to help hide those knotted cords. Cables are hidden in the planter section, and electronics can lounge in the artificial grass while getting some rejuvenation time. Use the station to charge your camera, phone, MP3 player, or anything else that comes with a charging cord. (You can pick up your own at Think Geek or Amazon.) What better way to charge your electronics than by containing the mess of cords, and introducing them to the great outdoors?