How To Get Your Giottos Rocket Air Blower Through Airport Security 0

You’ve probably made a habit of taking your DSLR out once a week to clean it. And if you’re using conventional cleaning tools, at times it’s hard to get the dust out of your sensor without damaging some parts in the process.

One alternative that a lot of photographers stand by is the Giottos Rocket Air Blower. It’s shaped like a little rocket with a long, red tip at the end where the air exits to blow away the dust with every squeeze. Unfortunately, what some people think is a clever design comes across as something more sinister to others. Like, say, the TSA.

Rocket Air Blower

A number of people have already reported having their Air Blowers confiscated by airport security because it looks too much like a weapon. So photographers who travel a lot might have to find a worthy alternative–or cut the legs off of their blower.

Photographer Steven E. Frischling gives the following tip on the Sports Shooter forum for those who want to make sure they can get through airport security still in possession of their Rocket Air Blowers:

It simple, you cut off the four leg stands that keep the bulp upright and you never refer to it as a ‘rocket.’ I have heard of at least two other people being stopped by airport security when flying with the Air Blower. If you remove the legs it no longer looks like a weapon.

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