Weirdest Cameras of All Time 0

Ever since the first camera was invented back in the sixth century, millions of renditions have been made to help capture life’s most interesting images. While some have been more efficient at taking photos than others, there are plenty of which that stand out on their own by way of design. For example, the Lego camera, which is constructed out of real-life looking Lego pieces. Other short-lived, but highly original creations have included the eye socket camera, the “Spamera” – yes, that’s a camera made out of a Spam can, and the world’s largest camera that took a 3-by-11 story picture. 

However, these cameras are just a mere percentage of what camera inventors have had to offer. Here are some of the best and brightest.

The Voltron Star Shooter

By combining a camera with what appears to be a transformer (that actually transforms), the 80s had a real shot at a popular collector’s item. But before you go purchasing your own (most likely through an auction or on eBay), be sure to stock up on 110 cartridges.


The Pop Cam

This compact and one-trick camera allows anyone with an extra $15 to make their very own multi-colored prints. By taking a single picture and displaying it in four differently-colored squares, with this camera original artwork is only a few clicks away.

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The Gun Camera

This camera (pictured above), as its name suggests, is a lens resembling a firearm. Just pull the trigger to shoot images from your dangerous looking camera. The pistol or rifle cameras made their debut in the 50s and, needless to say, wasn’t exactly a hit with the public.

These unique camera models may not have produced the highest quality of photos, but they have shown us the diversity and creativity involved when creating a functioning camera.