Water Droplet = Cheapest Macro Phone Lens Ever 0

In the past we’ve shared with you many different accessories you can add to your “phoneotography” kit. There are retro-style cases, filter kits, and even a rubber band attachable macro lens.

However, all of those things cost money, something many of us only have in lugubrious amounts (yes, I just needed an excuse to use the word lugubrious), and so we look for DIY solutions for our photography problems as often as we look for paid options.

Enter good ol’ Dihydrogen Monoxide (AKA: Water) and a little bit of ingenuity.

It turns out, as Mr. Alex Wild of Alex Wild Photography recently discovered, that a suspended water droplet works to magnify your shots so well it doubles as a DIY macro lens for your phone.

At first the idea may seem crazy, and you certainly do want to be careful not to overdo it with the water, as H2O and electronics rarely mix well, but his sample images speak for themselves.


If you want to see more just head over to the Scientific America article; and if you’re brave enough, take Mr. Wild’s challenge and send him some shots you yourself have created using his technique.

[Scientific America via Gizmodo via PetaPixel]