Watch TimeScapes: The First 4K Movie 0

Tom Lowe, an acclaimed timelapse videographer and 2010 Astronomy Photographer of the Year awardee, has recently released a movie called “TimeScapes” — an awesome non-narrative documentary of our planet, specifically in the American South West.  The movie is the first ever to be released in a whopping 4K resolution.

Below is the TimeScapes trailer, which was previously released during the production of the movie:

TimeScapes is already available for direct download at and iTunes in 5 different resolutions. In addition to the typical 480p, 720p and 1080p resultions, Lowe has also released a 1440p resolution of the film which is perfect to watch on a 30-inch computer monitor. Not only that, the movie is also the first to become commercially available at 4K resolution (4096×2304) as a USB stick or Hard Drive.

The price for the Standard Edition (up to 1080p) starts at $15, while the 30-inch HD Download (1440p) is $30. The 4K resolution will put the price up to $100.