Watch the World Unfold in Real Time on Instagram with ‘This is Now’ 0

Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones equipped with quality shooters, taking pictures and posting them on the go has never been this easier. And with accessories like the 3RDi KIT, phoneotographers can say goodbye to low-quality photos and blurry shots.

There are many reasons why people take pictures. Some people take photos to document their lives, while others share the images that they’ve taken to their friends and family who might be miles away from where they are. One network that people use frequently to do this is Instagram, which is one of the most popular iPhone camera apps in the market today.

One person’s Instagram feed is enough to tell a story. But put together all the feeds from individual Instagram users in the entire city and you’ll have volumes of picture stories to see. The people behind This is Now probably recognized the value in showing a city’s stories through pictures, which is why they have come up with this interactive city-wide Instagram feed for nine of the world’s largest and busiest cities.

This is Now

So if you’re bored, looking for a distraction, or just plain curious–head on to This is Now and select the city of your choice to begin your online travel journey. Nothing beats seeing the beauty and wonders a city has than through the eyes of people who have probably lived there their whole lives.

Soak up their stories. Who knows? If you use Instagram yourself, then you might see one of your images slide by.