Want Photoshop Light on Your iPad? Check Out Art Studio for iPad 0

Although Adobe hasn’t released an official Photoshop app on the iPad or any other tablet yet. There is an app that offers a solution for light image editing on the iPad. This app is none other than Art Studio for iPad. It offers many features you come to expect from Photoshop: like image layers, masks, and a variety of editinng tools.


The app allows you to select multiple images, from your Photos album, and combine them using transformations, layers, masks and more. You can move image segments around and even use a wand tool to select particular image sections to alter.

Other options includes the ability to add text to images, color in sections of images, erase parts of images, undo changes, and crop entire images (with all layers) into a single image file. After your done with your creation, you can export it back to your Photos album or save it in the app.

Drawing is also one of the app’s main selling point. Besides a Photoshop replacement, it is mostly geared at digital artists who want to use the iPad as a canvas. With Art Studio for iPad, you can select multiple brush strokes, colors, brush thickness, and start drawing.

If you are a blogger, this app will definitely help you play with images to add to your posts. If you are an artist, the app will also offer a great solution for digital drawing. If you need something similar to Photoshop on your iPad, it does its job. Art Studio for iPad is worth checking out if your mobile needs include any of the above categories.

You can currently purchase Art Studio for iPad, from the App Store, at a temporary discounted price of $1.99. An iPhone version also exists although the screen is really too small, in my opinion, for such an app on the iPhone.