Want an iPhone Mount for Shooting Quality Footage? 0

The iPhone 4 may have descent video and image capture capabilities, but it lacks features common in dedicated cameras with quality lenses. It also lacks a proper mount that would keep the camera steady and not forcing you to hold it in your hand while shooting. You may have noticed by now, that when shooting for extended periods of time the camera can get a bit shaky.

There are a few options in terms of mounts and tripods available, but one that I keep seeing mentioned by enthusiasts and reviewers is the OWLE Bubo. MacWorld did a hands-on impression of this mount back in February. It has been available on the market for a while and designed for the iPhone 4.

According to Mac World, it is compatible with a variety of external attachments:

“The OWLE Bubo is a metal mount and stabilizer that gives iPhone 4 owners a way to attach powerful accessories to their device, including lights, tripods, and lenses.
What is awesome about this mount is that it comes with its own lens. This lens is superior to the vanilla iPhone 4 lens and offers a better viewing angle.”

You can currently grab the mount from Amazon at a price tag of $161.45.

Technical details from Amazon list the mount giving users a .45x wide-angle lens capable of 37mm lens threading. It also comes with four 1/4″ mounting holes. Some other impressive aspects of this mount is that it offers a vericorder microphone and is compatible with add-ons, mentioned earlier, like a light meter.

Even though it is advertised as an iPhone 4 mount, according to VidAtlantic, it is also compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the iPod Touch 4G. You may need to purchase a separate version of different devices though. Sadly, there is no word on iPhone 4S compatibility yet.