WalMart sells antique Sony Mavica for $300 2

A ten-year-old Sony Mavica digital camera was spotted on the shelf of a Wal Mart store in Illinois; tagged with a price of $270. Yes, you read it right, this decade old Mavica is pricier than your modern-day 16MP point-and-shoot.

If you’re into old cameras — for nostalgic reasons or whatever — the Sony Mavica FD200 can take your photos at 2MP and then store it all on a floppy disk. Plus, it can record silent videos.

The Wal-Mart price is already a steal for potential buyers. Why? Because the Mavica is selling on Amazon for a whooping $1000.

For those vintage camera enthusiasts who are not wild enough to grab the Mavica, you might want to take a look at theĀ 5 must have retro-looking digital cameras. It might help take your mind off of this old but pricey Sony camera.