Wacom Shows Off Intuos 5 Tablet 1

Earlier this month Wacom came forth to show off their latest tablet dubbed the Intuos 5. Right off the bat Wacom enthusiasts will be happy to hear that this tablet will maintain a high level of sensitivity requiring just 1 gram of pressure for initial recognition followed by a noteworthy 2048 levels of pressure after that. Furthermore, Wacom is touting the Intuos 5’s multitouch functionality very highly, noting that both Mac OS X and Windows users can use gestures such as pinch to zoom, 2 finger scrolling, and more; all of which will help to ramp up productivity. Think Apple’s Magic TrackPad except super sized and able to recognize input from a pressure sensitive stylus alongside fingers.


New to Wacom Tablets?

We frequently tell you about popular software like Adobe Photoshop that allows you to edit photographs and other pictures but perhaps you’re looking for a new way to actually control such software. While a mouse and keyboard may be fine for some, many graphic designers, photographers and more (including myself) agree that powerful image editing software is nothing without the precision offered by tablets. No, I’m not talking about capacitive touchscreen-touting tablets like Apple’s iPad, but instead graphics tablets from companies like Wacom.


All in all, the Intuos 5 looks to be a tablet that won’t disappoint even the most diehard of Wacom fans. If you’re actually looking to pick the tablet up, you’ll have 3 different sizes to choose from including small, medium and large, which will retail respectively for $230, $350 and $470. Available now.

While you ponder a decision, check out a hands-on video straight from Wacom which we’ve included below.