VSCO Film – Bringing the Magic of Film Into the Digital Age 0

If you’ve ever wanted to recapture some of the magic of film photography without ditching your digital camera, Visual Supply Co. have just released a Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW add-on that will allow you to do just that – and do it differently than anything else on the market. That last part is important, because while VSCO film is certainly not the only program on the market meant to make your digital photos look as if they were taken using film, the unique way in which it achieves the desired effect makes it much more than a simple editing tool.

Using their patent-pending film emulation, the program actually changes the way Lightroom or Camera RAW interprets your RAW images. By pairing this technology with presets for some of the most well known films of days gone by and a camera profile to match your Nikon or Canon, VSCO film is able to transform your digital images into any number of older styles that suit your taste or subject matter best.

This state-of-the-art technology isn’t cheap, in fact at $120 each for the Nikon and Canon camera profiles (or $200 for both) you might say it’s downright expensive for an add-on. But if film emulation is what you’re looking for, this new method is going to be hard to beat.

VSCO Film: An Overview from Visual Supply Company on Vimeo.

[Visual Supply Co via PetaPixel]