Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards Takes You on the Ultimate Photo Journey 1

Once in a while, everyone finds themselves in a slump. Novelists get writer’s block, songwriters take breaks from the recording studio to recharge, and photographers need a dose or two of inspiration to get some fresh ideas and fuel their creativity.

If you’re in a slump or if you’re simply up for a fun photography exercise, then you might want to look into the Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards project that’s currently up on Kickstarter.

The project was thought up by Doug Beasley, with the purpose of “facilitating personal, artistic and spiritual growth as an artist while strengthening skills as a photographer.”

Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards

Each pack contains 36 cards, with the front featuring a Japanese-influenced pattern and a unique photography assignment printed on the back. The assignments themselves range from the simple (such as “Photograph the color red”) to the challenging (with the likes of “Interpret the subject Love. No kids, pets, parents or partners.”)

Each deck will be packaged inside a Japanese-influenced paper box that has been custom designed by graphic designer Lisa Mauer Elliott, of Outside the Box Designs.

A minimum pledge of $25 will get you one deck of the Vision Quest Photo Assignment Cards, which will begin shipping out by June 2012.