Visible Light: Where Light is the Subject 0

The two most important elements in a shoot are your subject and your equipment. Without one or the other, you won’t be able to shoot anything, really, because: a.) there’s nothing to shoot (no subject); or b.) you have nothing to shoot with (no equipment.)

Visible Light

When people think of a “subject,” they often call to mind a person, a place, or an object. For example, Ted Sabarese chose people (and fish) as his subjects in his oh-so-quirky photography project.

But photographer Alexander Harding chose a subject that usually flies under the radar of most people: light. Or rather, visible light.

Visible Light

Harding came up with a beautiful series of shots that he called “Visible Light” while putting all the focus on light and the beauty that exists in something that’s so simple yet oddly complicated at the same time. He explores and takes shots of various forms of light in his project, from reflected light to light that has passed through a tiny droplet of water.

Beautiful, yes?

[Photojojo via Peta Pixel]