Vintage camera dock for iPhone 1

Here’s a perfect iPhone dock for photographers: the LaboratorioAltieri’s Vintage Charger Dock–a perfect example of modern meets retro.

Roberto Altieri, owner of the Etsy shop LaboratorioAltieri, has modified old vintage cameras by adding USB docks for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod.

These vintage Pentax and Minolta cameras — which, by the way, are still in good condition — are retrofitted with an Apple dock connector for charging any iOS device. Just try not to push your luck by charging your iPad on one of these vintage docks unless you can figure out a way to keep iPad from tipping over.

The price for one of these cool and stylish vintage camera docks ranges from $49 to $59 USD.

And to complete the retro feeling, you might also want to grab one of Gizmon’s iCA iPhone cases.