Vimeo’s ‘Do More With Your DSLR’ series: How to build a rig 0

For those of you who finally received their pre-orders of the Nikon D4 or D800, congratulations! Now it’s time to take your brand new DSLR camera out in the field to test its features.

One way to get the most from your camera is by using a DSLR rig; for example, you can get something like Redrock Micro’s limited edition Nikon Gold DSLR rig, or the all-digital Kessler Fusion DSLR motion-control rig.

But if you’re the DIY type, you’re in luck: because Vimeo recently released a new episode of their Do More With Your DSLR series.

In this video, DSLR experts the Bui brothers explain the different types of DSLR rigs, teach you how to build one, and give some great tips for keeping your shots stable.

After you’ve learned about rigs, you might also want to watch the first episode of the series, called “Working with Available Light.”

[Vimeo via Kessler University]