Video captures Nikon D4 firing shots at 1000 fps 0

With the Nikon D4 gradually arriving in the hands of lucky owners who pre-ordered the new DSLR camera, it will come as no surprise when a barrage of new reviews, sample images, and unboxing videos begin popping-up everywhere in the coming weeks.

That’s the case with Jason Kolsch and Jayson Jordon, but the two enthusiasts did something unique with their Nikon D4. Instead of presenting a review or sample images, they captured the Nikon D4 shooting at 11 shots per second in slow motion.

Kolsh and Jordon used a Phantom Gold camera, which records 1000 frames per second, to catch the D4.

To appreciate all of the beauty and hardwork that a D4 is doing with every shot, watch the video below: