Valentine’s Day with Your SLR 0

Each year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, single photogs gear up for a great night of shooting while their taken counterparts are forced to leave their precious Canon‘s and Nikon‘s behind. And while there are many great reasons to ditch the date and go catch some candid moments on film this February 14th – the following 5 make the top of my list.

5 Reasons To Make Your SLR Your Valentine This Year

  1. If you treat your SLR well it will never over-react, though it might over-expose on occasion.
  2. This would be the first Valentine’s day where your date could make you money instead of wasting spending it.
  3. You’re much more likely to get flashed, if you’re into that sort of thing. And for those of you looking to get some low light action, you’re just a fast lens and some in-door dance lessons away.
  4. Ladies, no need to fret over what to wear; stand securely behind the camera wearing something comfortable while your SignificantLR and you judge away. Not to mention the fact that a pair of Hot Shoes are always at your disposals – if you carry two cameras that is.
  5. And finally, gentlemen, never in recorded history has a camera looked you in the eye, lips pouting ever so dramatically, and asked “does this battery grip makes me look fat?” And on the off chance that this does happen, answer quickly and use words like “functional” and “curvy” to try and avoid a fight.

So this Valentines Day, if your business card says photographer and your Facebook status says single, consider spending a night prowling after some great photography. February 14th is the perfect night to go out and capture some great candid street shots at the popular romantic spots in town.

Grab your 50mm f/1.8 lens, your tripod of choice, and ask a couple you know if they want to get some portraits taken at a romantic spot downtown. Go to a local dance joint and ask the management to let you snap some photos of the festivities and decorations there; or see if one of the local romantic restaurants will give you 15 minutes in their dining room before they open up for dinner to capture some fantastic stock photography.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t let your SLR pine its night away in a lonely camera bag; take it out and show it a good time. With the Nikon 800D already out and Canon’s 5D Mark III about to release, this may be the last Valentines you spend with your current SLR.