V-Flat: The Budget-Friendly Portrait Gear 0

Here at TogTech, we’re always on the lookout for photography tips and DIY projects, like building your own rig or printing your own tilt-shift lens adapter. And one of our recent finds is the V-Flat — an affordable and simple piece of ┬áportrait gear.

The V-Flat, also known as a “book” (looks like a giant folder to me…), is usually comprised of two sides, a white portion and a black portion.

Essentially, all you need to do to create a V-Flat is tape together two 4 ft x 8 ft mounting boards, which should be no less than half an inch thick to prevent them from tipping over, using gaffer’s tape. And voila, you now have your own V-Flat that you can use to shoot portraits using either the white or black background — all for only $50-100 per. Hit the source link for some detailed tips on how to use one.

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