Using Your Smart Phone for Professional Photography 0

While most professional photographers would rather die than be without their camera, it must be said that smart phones have cameras and can be very convenient for working on-the-go. Below are some useful apps and accessories for using your smart phone for professional photography projects.


The biggest drawback of smartphone photography is the restriction of the tiny lens. Luckily, ther are unobtrusive lens attachments that you can attach directly to your smartphone. As with all mobile accessories, prices vary, but you can easily find lens kits that come with fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses for less than $100. That’s a lot of equipment for a small price, and the attachments are easy to use and convenient to carry around. Lens attachments allow you to get wider angles, change the shape of your photos, and, if you get a telephoto lens, even zoom a bit. But if that’s not enough for you, you can always add….


Let’s be honest: Are you really going to give up your camera? Probably not. But even if you don’t use your smart phone to take pictures, or only do so when on the road, you can also use your mobile device to edit your photos. Though Instagram and other photo filter apps are used mostly by selfie obsessed teenagers, there are a lot of photo apps that can really help expand your art. Here are a few of my favorites:

If you want to edit headshots, share progress on current projects, or make continuity snapshots, you’ll love playing with snapseed. Of course it has the basic image tuning options that most phones and apps already come with, but it also allows users to play with depth and focal adjustments. The compatibility with social media is extremely useful for freelancers needing to share out their work, and the fact that it’s free certainly doesn’t hurt.

Diptic is great for adding pictures to a layout, which is usually something that has to wait until you can sit at a computer. Now you can create collages, photo series, and before and after sequences all from your phone, right as you take photos. There are over 19 layouts available, so feel free to go crazy, and of course, you can save your work to your phone or share it on social media. Of course, sometimes you want to work with a program you know, with features you’ve used for years. That’s what Adobe Photoshop Express is for. All the editing options you know and love, conveniently located on your smart phone.  And of course, if you still want more capability to zoom, use camera+. I have now solved all of your smartphone photography problems. So now your only reason for not using your phone’s camera is how much you love your fully functional fancy Nikon. Which is a pretty good reason.

Guest post by Eva Ozawa