Usain Bolt’s London Olympics Nikon D4 Goes Up For Auction 0

Imagine lending your precious DSLR to a friend only to receive it back with their name shoddily carved into it. You would be pretty mad, right? One photographer, Jimmy Wixtröm, who had such a thing happen to him, wasn’t mad at all – in fact he was the exact opposite. Of course, the fact that his “friend” was Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, probably had something to do with it – but who are we to judge?

In all seriousness if you were watching the 2012 London Olympics you may remember a scene that had Usain Bolt triumphantly holding a photographer’s Nikon D4 after winning gold in the 200m sprint. After snapping a few photographs with the DSLR, Bolt proceeded to carve his name into the camera with a screwdriver before returning it its owner; the above mentioned Jimmy Wixtröm. As if having Usain Bolt’s name carved into his camera wasn’t enough, Wixtröm did what any enterprising photographer would do and took to eBay. That’s right, you now have a chance to obtain a piece of history should you decide to bid on what is being called “Usain Bolt’s Nikon D4”.

If you’re a bit skeptical when it comes to padding the pockets of an already successful photographer, make note that Wixtröm assures us all proceeds will be sent to charity. Just what kind of proceeds are we talking, you ask? At the time of this posting the auction is currently listed at $11,100 with 56 bids and roughly 4 and a half days to go. Given the time left, that price is sure to skyrocket even more as bidders across the web look to obtain a piece of history. Are you in?