Unruly Headcase: One Tough GoPro Housing 0

When it comes to capturing extreme sports shots, the GoPro has been the camera of choice for most people. And just like any shooter, you need a camera rig to help you get the best action shots from your GoPro Hero or Hero 2.

One example of such equipment is the GoPro Chest Mount Harness: The GoPro is mounted to the harness using the GoPro clear case housing.

But if you’re one of those GoPro users who always gets frustated with the GoPro clear case, fret no more, as Unruly is now offering a much sturdier and more reliable housing: the Headcase Pro.

The Headcase Pro is a Kickstarter project — which, by the way, has been successfully funded — from Jim Clark. It’s a lightweight GoPro multi-mount housing that is made from a piece of billet aluminum.

Here are the features of the Headcase Pro:

  • Rock-solid stainless steel door latch
  • Rubber Buttons and cable port inserts
  • Front and rear windows
  • Removable screw-on protective lens rings with rubber caps and filter threads

If you want to add the Headcase Pro to your GoPro extreme adventure gear, you’ll need to pledge at least $328 to grab one. And while you’re at it, you might want to also include the GoPro Wi-Fi BackPac and Remote Control.

One more thing . . . Always protect yourself, not just your GoPro.

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