Universal Camera Trigger Triggertrap Goes Into Production 0

If you check out Kickstarter regularly, then you might have spotted the page for Triggertrap when it was still trying to raise funds. Funding for the project ended last July 31st, and I’d have to say it was an extremely successful campaign because Triggertrap received well over $50,000 more than its target amount.

(But if you’re looking to fund something really cool right now, check out Ken Corben’s iPhone 4 & 4s Professional Grade Underwater Housing project up on Kickstarter.)

But what exactly is Triggertrap? Well, as self-proclaimed photography nuts Ziah Fogel & Haje Jan Kamps put it, it’s “an open-source, Arduino-based universal camera trigger.” And the creators mean business when they say “universal”, because the camera trigger is currently compatible with nearly 300 different camera models–and that number could still rise. Imagine how convenient everything becomes now that you’ve got a single camera trigger for all of the shooters you own.

There are five built-in trigger modes: light, laser, sound, time-lapse, and auxiliary. Either break a laser beam, clap your hands, flash a bright light, and your camera takes a picture. The Triggertrap sounds like an incredibly useful device and definitely one that should’ve been released years ago.

Eager to get one for yourself? It’s currently available for pre-order on Triggertrap’s shop for $125.