Two Photographers + 50 States = Postcards from Nowhere Project 0

What do you get when you put two photographers, a camera, and a car together? The Going Nowhere project, that’s what.

It’s one of many creative photography projects up on Kickstarter, where people like you and me can pitch in by donating a few bucks so that the ones who came up with the idea for the project can actually carry it out; in return we get something from them once the project is complete.

Going Nowhere is something of a photo diary project by photographers Andrew Kenney and Jake Jones. They’ll basically drive through all fifty states in the US, take a picture of something in each one, print it out on a postcard, and send it to everyone who backed their project.

Postcards from Nowhere

Sounds pretty cool, and it’s always fun to get something in the mail once in a while, right? If you want in, then you can check out their Kickstarter project page for more information. A minimum pledge of $2 will get you one postcard in the mail if you’re in the US, while people from other countries will have to cough up $3 for the same.