Turn Your iPhone Into A Thermal Imaging Camera For $150 0

Andy Rawson is one of those few people who can be called an “Ultimate DIYer”. Due to the high cost of getting a thermal imaging camera, Rawson has decided to create a much cheaper alternative which he temporarily named TIPIC (Thermal Imaging Phone I Camera). Yes, he admits he’s bad at naming projects.

To create the heat-seeking camera kit, Rawson connected an iPhone to a small box, which he personally built, that contains a 64-zone temperature sensor. The temperature data was then overlaid onto the display of the phone’s camera.

The user of the camera can then view temperature information by using its iPhone app. If you’re an Android fan, you’ll be glad to know that Rawson is already developing an Android app.

Rawson is going to mass produce these little gadgets and sell them for $150 each. Fortunately, for those hard core DIYers, he is going to open source the whole project.

By the way, Rawson is going to give away a free TIPIC accessory to the lucky person who can replace the product’s name with a more desirable one.

What do you think?

[RH Workshop via PetaPixel]