Tunaverse Launches New Photo-Sharing Social Network Called Blinq 0

The photography niche seems like it’s being tapped into a lot lately, especially by people who are starting up their own social networks. Photo-sharing sites have been around for years, but one social network that was recently created especially for photographers is PixelPeers. And now another new entrant is Tunaverse Media’s Blinq.

Blinq is a new network geared towards photo sharing, allowing professional and amateur photographers alike to quickly and easily share their images with one another.


What sets Blinq apart for the others is this: it uses a proprietary “just enough, just in time” image delivery software to let media that was remotely stored “appear” to be on the user’s local device. This gives users the ability to handle their media however they want to, whenever, and wherever they made be. The service is available for free for trigger-happy folks all over the world.

Tunaverse’s press release reads in part:

“The ability to share large photo files (1,000-plus) in an instant means that Blinq will become the sharing network of choice for anyone wishing to share lots of photos. By adding remote control capability Blinq enables users to do whatever they want with those remotely stored photos from anywhere. Because upload time is eliminated, sharing albums of any size, even remotely stored albums, is instantaneous. No uploading also means users don’t need to reorganize their photos on line.”

Check out Blinq by following this link.

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