Tripad: The Rig For Your Computer 1

When it comes to camera rigs, well, we’ve mentioned a lot of them here on TogTech. But here’s something new: a computer rig called the Tripad. Yes, it’s a specialized piece of equipment made to hold your laptop during photo shoots.

You just insert the Tripad on a tripod, and it can support your computer when shooting tethered. What’s more, it’s made of heavy-duty plastic, so it can support any object weighing up to 50 pounds.

Aside from the main platform, the Tripad also has two extra platforms in each side that can be extended out. One side has a cup holder and the other has space for an external mouse, hard drive, or other camera gear.

For more info, check Jim Goldstein’s detailed review; and if you want to grab one the Tripad is available for purchase at for $100 USD.