Triggertrap On Your iPhone – DSLR Triggering in Your Pocket 0

You may recall hearing about TriggerTrap before, the multi-purpose triggering device made possible through Kickstarter. In addition to their hardware device, TriggerTrap has just announced a DSLR triggering app for your iPhone.  The app will offer 12 ways to trigger your SLR

  • Timelapse
  • Eased Timelapse
  • Distance-Lapse mode
  • Facial Recognition
  • Shock Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Magnetometer
  • Sound Sensor
  • Automatic HDR bracketing (with up to 19 exposures/set)
  • HDR timelapse
  • Star Trail Photography Mode
  • Cable Release Mode

A couple of these triggering modes are new and very cleverly make use of the iPhone’s super powers.

Trigger Trap Distance LapseDistance-Lapse enables the user to set up a camera to take a photo at regular distance-intervals (every 100 meters, for example). When they are assembled into a movie, it appears as if the entire journey was conducted at exactly the same pace. When driving on a highway, for example, the app would take photos more quickly as the journey progresses at speed, and more slowly when the driver gets stuck in traffic. If you stop for a break, the Triggertrap Mobile App knows, and simply stops taking photos whilst the car is stopped.

Eased Timelapse is the other huge innovation in the Triggertrap Mobile app. When doing a traditional time-lapse, a user would choose to take a photo, say, every 10 seconds. In Eased Timelapse, however, the Triggertrap Mobile App uses mathematical formulas to vary the interval between photographs dynamically. The result is that, in the assembled time-lapse video, it appears as if time speeds up at the beginning of the video, and slows back down at the end – perfect for creating beautiful effects! The Triggertrap Mobile App comes with 5 acceleration profiles (ranging from ‘mild’ to ‘brutal’; or known in the animation world as ranging from Quadratic to Quintic acceleration). The user can also choose whether they wish to ease in, out, or both.


TriggerTrap Function Overview & Sales Pitch

Quick TriggerTrap Demo

Where to Get It and How Much?

It looks like TriggerTrap is going to give other iOS camera release solutions such as ioShutter a run for their money.

The Triggertrap Mobile App is available in the iTunes App Store ( from 30 April 2012, and will cost $9.99.

The Triggertrap Mobile App (FREE) is available in the iTunes App Store ( from 30 April 2012.

The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle is available now, costs $9.99 and is available from the Triggertrap web shop on . Camera connection cables are also available from the same site.