TriggerHappy Turns Your Android/iOS Device Into a Camera Remote 2

Camera triggers are extremely useful for many reasons. They can help you capture images you normally wouldn’t be able to, since you can set them up so they take pictures automatically depending on a trigger action, or manually with the use of a remote.

One extremely popular example is the TriggerTrap, which is an Arduino-based universal camera trigger that’s open-source. The people behind the gadget used Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, to raise the funds needed to get the device into production; and it seems like another camera trigger is following in their footsteps: TriggerHappy.

Trigger Happy Remote

TriggerHappy is a “patent-pending camera remote to control your DSLR or high-end point-and-shoot camera with an iOS or Android device.” The complete camera remote system includes the actual TriggerHappy app and a one-meter cable that connects your mobile phone to your camera. People have been clamoring for a phone app that can control digital cameras remotely, and someone finally decided to heed this call via this project!

The TriggerHappy app includes the following basic functions:

  • Simple camera trigger
  • Bulb functionality for long exposures
  • Time-lapse mode (intervalometer)
  • HDR mode
  • Bramping (Bulb Ramping) for time-lapses from day to night, etc.

However, more features are still in development, such as face detection, lightning detection, and audio waveform detection. A list of the cameras TriggerHappy can support can be found on their Kickstarter page, where you should also head to if you’re interested in backing the project.

Making a pledge of $50 will get you your very own TriggerHappy remote, which has an estimated delivery date of June 2012.