Trekker – Google Streetview Camera in a Backpack 1

Google has an army of cars, tricycles, snowmobiles and trollies to create their never ending supply of humorous Streetview images, and now Google plans to add a backpack camera named Trekker to that list.  The pack will boast a crazy 15 5-megapixel cameras to capture a full 360° view.  The Trekker will weigh 35 pounds with a battery large enough to last all day.

With a pack like this, Google will be able to map out hard to reach locations like old castles, enchanted forests, and of course, the neighborhood ski trail.  At 35 pounds (15 kg) the pack will be light enough for most outdoor activities which could make for some pretty fun Streeview maps in some crazy locations.  Having a job as a Streetview adventure photographer doesn’t sound so bad, where do I sign up?

The pack is still just a prototype but hopefully they’ll be sending one our way for review ASAP.