Travel Photographer of the Year Awards 2012 Now Open for Entires 0

The great thing about international competitions is the diversity you can expect to see in the entries. The sights that greet you when you wake up every morning are obviously different than those that greet someone from another part of the world. That’s probably something you should use to your advantage, if possible, like in a photography competition perhaps.

One such competition that you might be interested in joining is this year’s Travel Photography of the Year Awards. Entries are now being accepted for the annual competition, which is “open to amateur and professional photographers from all countries and of all ages.”

TPOTY 2011 Winner

Aside from the usual cash prize, this year’s Travel Photographer of the Year 2012 overall winner will also get the first ever Cutty Sark Award. Aside from the £2,500 cash prize, the winner will also receive an all-expenses-paid international photography commission to shoot images for Cutty Sark. Meanwhile, category winners will be able to win a Fujifilm X-Pro1 kit with three lenses, as well as trips to Kenya and the Greek Islands.

Prints or digital images can be sent in or uploaded online, while video entries should be submitted on DVD by mail. For more information, check out the TPOTY website.

[via Photography Blog]