Transform Your iPhone Into A 3D Camera and Viewer With Poppy 0

Poppy is making 3D viewing portable and affordable. And no, it’s not the name of your neighbor’s pet. It’s the world’s first device that allows iPhone users to capture, view, and share 3D videos and photos. Created by a duo from Seattle, Washington, Poppy is as simple as it comes — no electronic stuff and batteries. It’s like a big, modern View-Master. It features a slot (designed for the iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, and 5th Gen iPod Touch) and mirrors that capture two stereographic images using the phone’s camera. Poppy is not “pocketable” but it’s lightweight because it’s made from rugged ABS plastic. Poppy is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter (already surpassed funding goal). You can own one from the first full production run by pledging at least $49.

poppy-iphone-3d-camera-1 poppy-iphone-3d-camera-2 poppy-iphone-3d-camera-4

[Kickstarter via PetaPixel]