Tracking Your Gear with iPhone App BiKN 1

There’s a tricky little device on the horizon called BiKN (you know, like beacon). On the little intro video they highlight using the tracking device on dogs, backpacks, keys and kids, but another great use would be on camera gear. A potential thief would probably recognize the gadget as something fishy so you’d probably want to hide it in the bottom of your bag, but this has potential to be a great tracking tool to find your thief’s hideout.

Nothing I’ve read so far mentions the distance your phone can be from a tracking tag. The device runs on radio frequency so I’m guessing the distance is measured in meters, not kilometers. That said, if you were quick, you’d still be able to see your camera bag walking away from you and hopefully run after it.

Charging the tags is done via USB, a welcomed feature (we hate more cords).

Prices are yet to be released – here’s hoping it makes financial sense to pick up a set and protect one’s gear.

[ecoustics ]via [Gizmodo]