Toshiba America Unveils Thinnest CMOS Image Sensor For Smartphones And Tablets 0

If you think that smartphones and tablets nowadays are unbelievably slim, wait till the new TCM9930MD camera module from Toshiba arrives to any of the major mobile device manufacturers — we’re surely going to get a new definition of thin.

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC)*, a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, today announces the industry’s thinnest CMOS image sensor camera module with high-resolution, 13 mega pixel (MP), imaging ideal for next-generation, ultra-thin smartphones and tablet devices. The new TCM9930MD leverages an advanced image pre-processing LSI (companion) chip and a refined module structure to create a compact image sensor camera module with the industry’s lowest profile at just 4.7 mm in height.

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Current mobile devices that are using high-resolution CMOS sensors need a bigger optical size for their respective lenses. That’s why some smartphones and tablets are still bulkier because they’re utilizing a thicker camera module. Using an image pre-processing LSI (companion) chip, the¬†TCM9930MD is able to avoid any drop of resolution that usually comes with lowered module height.

Samples of the TCM9930MD are expected to arrive this coming month of May. Each camera module is going to have a price tag of around $80.

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