Top Camera for iOS Gets An Update, Now Lets You Clean Up Your Shots 0

The number of camera apps for the iPhone continues to grow as the device becomes increasingly popular. Instagram is the most well-known app of the bunch, having been named by Apple as the iPhone App of the Year. There’s also TouchRetouch that let’s you fix your photos up quickly, all with a single tap.

And then there’s the Top Camera app that’s still geared for iOS.

Top Camera

Top Camera is an extremely versatile app that you can use to add effects and filters to your photos and apply photo-to-sketch features to really give an artistic spin to them. It was updated recently to version 4, which added a noise reduction filter that can eliminate all types of photo noise, such as high ISO, chroma, contrast, low light, and film grain.

The upgrade also added several new features such as  cross process filters and the option to scale videos that you’ve taken using your iPhone.

Top Camera

Here’s a more detailed list of the new features and fixes introduced by the upgrade:

  • New design of bottom toolbar in camera view
  • Added noise reduction filter using advanced denoising algorithm
  • Added nine “cross process” effects
  • Added basic filters: X-ray, heat map, invert
  • Added nine “sketch” filters: pens, pencils, markers
  • Added option to undo last saving in Photo Editor
  • Added reducing video size – during rendering video zoom or later
  • Popover with shooting modes automatically hidden after using photo/video switch

You can download Top Camera for your iPhone from the App Store for $2.99.

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