If Tony Stark Had A $10,000 Hasselblad Lunar Camera 0

Hasselblad is at again. In another take on the aging Sony NEX-7 rebranding, the company is announcing yet another limited edition Lunar camera. This time, the expensive shooter dons a red and gold casing that resembles Iron Man’s favorite color scheme. The camera is specially made (only 200 units) to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year on January 31. “Only two hundred have been developed in our Italy-based design centre and the exclusive red and gold colours on the grip and body underpin the traditional Chinese belief that these shades represent good fortune and joy,” according to Hasselblad CEO Ian Rawcliffe. If Hasselblad does sell a few units, it should bring them good fortune — at around $10,000 a piece.

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Hasselblad-Lunar-limited-edition-camera Hasselblad-Lunar-limited-edition-camera-back Hasselblad-Lunar-Limited-Edition-GR_detail

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