Time’s LightBox Looks Back at 2011, One Photo at a Time 0

It’s sort of my personal tradition to flip through the pages of my old journal as we forge on into the first week on the New Year. 2011 was definitely an eventful year for me: there were a lot of highs, a lot of lows, a little bit of hurt, and a whole lot of learning along the way.

2011 saw the fall and death of feared yet hated world leaders and the death of Apple’s visionary. It was also the year when the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. But it was also the year which saw the much-awaited Royal Wedding occur amid news of economic hardships. It was also the year that highlighted human compassion, as people rushed to offer aid and assistance to those who were struggling to get back on their feet after the natural disasters.

LightBox October2011

You might not keep a journal yourself, but you can still recall the year that was through Time’s LightBox 365. The online gallery features 365 photos selected carefully from the most striking, captivating, or significant image from each respective day.

So view, review, and remember. Happy new year!

[Time via Tweetbuzz]