Timeless Capture: An Irreplaceable Camera that Can Last a Generation 0

With the constant influx of new cameras in the market, the value for cameras and images taken from them has gradually declined. The realisation that many people no longer have an emotional attachment to their cameras and/or images has led design student, Brian Matanda, to create a camera prototype that he claims users will have to develop an emotional attachment to.

The Timeless Capture is a camera device that comes in two parts – A touch screen image viewer and a camera. The camera is developed with parts taken from a 7 megapixel Vivitar and the image viewer is made from a hacked Samsung Galaxy Spica. The camera part is equipped with just two buttons, lens and an optical viewfinder. The design is quite bulky, but one can see the idea behind this conceptual product.

What’s interesting is that you cannot transfer images to your computer, or edit them in any capacity. The images are wirelessly transferred to the image viewing device, on which you can browse through your original photos. The idea is that by restricting users to view images on the Timeless Capture device, users will be more appreciative of the camera and images taken with it.

Timeless Capture is certainly an innovative idea, but it is difficult to see it being produced on a commercial scale, as the demand for the camera will unsurprisingly be non-existent. In saying that, I would encourage the man behind this conceptual product to publish a Kickstarter project on it, as I am sure there will be a number of consumers willing to fund the project.