This Papercraft Polaroid Camera Can Actually Take Instant Photos 0

I have always been spellbound by papercraft. If you think about it, paper is such a simple material to work with. But after a couple of strokes and many folds later, you end up with something so beautiful and so different from what you originally started with.

While I think it’s true that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, there are just some things that are universally beautiful or appealing to a vast number of people. One example? The stills you see in One Second of Beauty. Another one? This papercraft Polaroid camera–that can actually take instant photos!

Papercraft Polaroid Camera

Pictured above is the test model of photographer Matthew Nicholson “Fauxlaroid Land Camera.” It’s design is based on the look of the Polaroid One Step Rainbow camera.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it is that the camera will be using instant film that the user is to “process” manually. The whole thing sounds pretty complicated, but that’s because Nicholson is still experimenting with the instant film. The sample shots you see at the top of this post are actual photos produced from the manual instant photo process, where Nicholson explains:

Early experiments working out how the reagent works against the film using a roller by hand to release the reagent packets onto the film surface. These images have not gone through the pinhole camera yet.

[Photojojo via Peta Pixel]