This Is What Happens When Baby Photographers Go Bad 0

So what does it take to become a world-famous baby photographer like Anne Geddes? She tells all and shares what it’s like to live a day or two in her shoes in this faux documentary called “Anne Gedes: Beneath the Diaper.”

Most people would assume that it’s all fun and games at a baby photography studio. But think again. Can’t stand the occasional diva model that gets sent your way? Reality check, because most babies are actually divas (sorry, kids!) Annoyed at how some models make a mess in your studio? Just imagine spit-ups, barfing babies, and soiled diapers, and you probably won’t mind the occasional soda spillage with your adult subjects.

Of course, Anne isn’t really like that in person (or is she?) This is actually just a hilarious sketch by Paulilu Mixtape that paints an inaccurate-but-true picture of what being a baby photographer is like.

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