What Do You Think Of Robert Russell’s ‘Rounded’ Design Of A Sony A7/A7R Successor? 0

Industrial designer Robert Russell thinks that the Sony A7/A7R is so “boxy” in its look and feel. As a designer and Sony camera owner, he wants to tell the Japanese company, through a set of sketches, to point its upcoming cameras into a “new design direction.”

Here’s Russell’s explanation and his sketches:

I feel a camera of this importance should reflect that in its physical appearance as well as its revolutionary concept. my primary effort was to eliminate the “boxy” look and feel to the camera. I kept the functions/controls in their existing locations and tried to only effect the styling of the body. I have also improved the grip and finger placement for comfort as well as for access to controls. Also I placed a thumb rest on the left side of the body for additional stability, particularly when using prime lenses.
I have not physically held an A7, but I own and love my NEX-7! The A7 is such an exciting camera I hope some day to own one. I follow all rumor sites (Sony Alpha Rumors) and press releases from SONY and have a great admiration for its products and overall design philosophy.

Please let me know your thoughts on my ideas.

sony-a7-a7r-concept-design-front sony-a7-a7r-concept-design-side

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