There are a plethora of camera bags out there, ranging from messenger styles to suitcases. This makes choosing one a pretty daunting experience! Personally, I have 2 bags: a suitcase style bag by Think Tank and a small Quantaray bag which is getting pretty beat up by now because I’ve had it forever. It holds my DSLR with a lens attached… and that’s it — another lens won’t fit in there.  When I travel for fun, I don’t always like taking my entire Think Tank case with me, especially when I am trying to travel light.

So what usually ends up happening when I travel with my camera is that I’ll end up taking the small bag and shoving everything else I need (like my wallet, lipstick, cell phone, keys, etc.) in my purse. If need be, I’ll wrap one of my extra lenses in a lens wrap (although my wrap is nowhere near as awesome as the Photorito!) and just stick it in my purse, which ends up feeling quite cumbersome. It doesn’t sound very professional does it? Well, I have to admit it certainly doesn’t feel very professional when I go out like that 😉 So I’ve been thinking about getting a bag that falls somewhere in between my small Quantaray and the Think Tank case, and today I came across a new brand I had not heard of before: SHOOTSAC®.

This bag is meant to be a lens bag that is worn WHILE you are shooting. It has 6 pockets. It can hold your lenses plus other accessories like your cell phone and wallet. Sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for! It also has a slim design that makes it less obvious you’re carrying bulky camera equipment – which is very important, especially when you’re out traveling and are wary of theft. What gives it an extra cool factor is that you can get interchangeable cover slips for the cover flap. I also like the fact that it’s made from wetsuit grade neoprene, so if it rains, you know your bag can handle it.

Check out their video to see the SHOOTSAC® in action:

The SHOOTSAC® costs $179.00. It can be purchased on the company’s website, or at most online retailers. Check out the website for their retail locations.